EANS Board

President:              Gabriele Meyer (Germany)

Vice-president:        Theo van Achterberg (the Netherlands)

Secretary:               Saima Hinno (Estonia)

Treasurer:               Catherine McCabe (Ireland), assisted by Simon Malfait (Belgium)

Board members:

Adelaida Zabalegui (Spain)

Adriana Henriques (Portugal)

Andreia Catia Jorge Silva Costa (Portugal)

Ann VanHecke (Belgium)

Gunilla Borglin (Sweden)

Natalja Fatkulina (Lithuania)

Riitta Suhonen (Finland)

Sascha Köpke (Germany)

Styliani Tziaferi (Greece)

Membership Committee

Adelaida Zabalegui (Spain)

Mieke Deschodt (Belgium)

Esther Cabrera (Spain)

Scientific Committee

Styliani Tziaferi (Greece)

Marco Clari (Italy)

Connie Berthelsen (Denmark)

Adriana Henriques (Portugal)

Riitta Suhonen (Finland)

Summer School organisation:

Betsie van Gaal (the Netherlands)

EANS Best Paper Award assessment committee:

Sue Latter (United Kingdom)

Mayte Moreno Casbas (Spain)

Gabriele Meyer (Germany)

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