EANS Summer School 2021

28th June until 9th July 2021

From June 28 till July 09, 2021

The EANS Summer School 2021 will be held online from June 28 to July 09. The link will be provided in time.

As the 2020 Summer School was postponed, most places for first year participants are already taken; just a few persons had to cancel for this year.

As a result we have only 3 places for new participants.

EANS always strives for including candidates from as many European countries as possible.

As we already have 2 or more participants from the following countries for the upcoming summer school, candidates from Finland, Germany, Malta, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are not eligible.

Please encourage any eligible candidate in the early stage of their PhD to apply.

The summer school provides:

  • A unique opportunity for nurses undertaking doctoral studies to participate in a three year programme of annual summer schools.
  • The chance to learn mixed methods research skills to develop, test, evaluate and implement complex interventions in nursing.
  • The experience of working alongside nurses from more than 20 European countries.

Registration is closed

Registration deadline: 20th February 2021

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