EANS Winter e-Summit February 21, 2022

21st February 2022

TOPIC - The contribution of Nursing Science to eHealth

The EANS Online Winter E-Summit 2022, organised by Saima Hinno, Tartu Estonia

The EANS Winter e-Summit 2022 will be a gathering of nurse scientists from across Europe and worldwide who come together to progress the scientific aims of EANS, develop collaborations and deepen their understanding of nursing. In addition, the Summit seeks to increase our understanding of nursing research in its various contexts within and outside Europe, during the current era of web-based meetings and communication.

For the 2022 EANS Winter e-Summit we will focus on highlighting how nursing science contributes to e-health. Especially we will focus on the implementation of nursing e-health interventions, the effects of e-health on patients’, nursing and health care organizations’ outcomes, ethics of e-health use, educational and managerial aspects of e-health.

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