Summer Conference 2018

10th July until 12th July 2018

Leadership in Nursing: Challenges for the future

This year, the conference theme is about “Leadership in Nursing”. Leadership in nursing is conceptualized as occurring in three primary domains: in clinical practice with patients and staff, within healthcare institutions and professional organisations, and in healthcare policymaking areas. Powerful leadership is deemed important to face the challenges of current nursing care. It might lead to superior performances in clinical practice, thereby delivering benefits to those involved in the delivery or receipt of care. This conference will address different aspects of leadership in nursing, as well as the evidence based perspectives on this topic. This international conference will allow lively discussions and debates on challenges and opportunities for leadership in nursing in a global perspective.

We are asking contributors to present empirical studies highlighting the diversity of leadership roles in nursing and its effects on healthcare  in Europe.

Proposed contributions should present rigorously implemented scientific studies including: innovative research approaches, synthesising existing evidence, mixed methods research and developing, testing, evaluating, and implementing complex interventions.

If you want to contribute by presenting your work, please submit your abstract before 30th April 2018.

For EANS-members, presentations will be held on the 11th and 12th of July.

For non-EANS-members, presentations will be held only on the 12th of July. (Please see Event Downloads below for information on how to register if you are not a member of EANS.)

EANS members are also warmly invited to attend the Meet-the-expert on Tuesday 10th July. This is a unique opportunity for networking and sharing information between nursing practice and theory.  Please see Event Downloads below for further information.

For questions about the conference, please contact [email protected]

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Registration deadline: 24th June 2018

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