EANS Summer Schools

Our annual Summer Schools were established in 1998 to encourage nurses undertaking a PhD study to add a European dimension to their research and to receive advanced research training

What is the EANS Summer School?


“EANS is the absolute perfect combination of learning about and discussing research and enjoying social events with collaborators and long term friends”


  • A unique opportunity for nurses undertaking doctoral studies to participate in a three year programme of annual summer schools.

  • The chance to learn mixed methods research skills to develop, test, evaluate and implement complex interventions in nursing.

  • The experience of working alongside nurses from more than 20 European countries.


 Why should you apply?


“The best education in research methods I have participated in”


  • Many summer school participants go on to be leaders in European nursing research

  • Participants describe their most important summer school impacts as a mixture of learning advanced research methods, gaining a powerful research network, making new friends, preparing for future European collaborations and improving their English language skills

  • Since finishing the EANS summer school, 48% of respondents in a recent survey (Hanssen and Olsen, (2018), Nurse Education Today, 61: 187-193) had taken part in international collaborative research, with just under half of these involved in project collaborations with other EANS members


 What are our Summer School aims?


“The methodological challenges were inspiring”


  • To equip the new generation of early stage nursing researchers with knowledge and expertise in advanced translational complex interventions research methods;

  • To enable these researchers to design, plan and implement programmatic, mixed methods and complex interventions research in nursing;

  • To create a multi-state, common European learning environment for doctoral nursing students;

  • To enhance the opportunities for doctoral students to study, work and undertake research in other European States.


“The best thing was to meet people from all around Europe and exchange ideas”


How do you apply?

To complete the summer school programme, participants must attend three consecutive summer schools held across Europe. In year one, the summer school is two weeks long, in years two and three it is for one week. The Summer School Programme is self-funded. The 2023 Summer School will be held at Lovisenberg Diaconal University College Oslo, Norway from June 26 to July 7. Further details are available here  Deadline for applications is January 31 2023.


To apply  download the Summer-School-Supervisors-Form-2023 and ask your supervisor to fill in this form.


Applicants must:

  1. Be a nurse;
  2. Be at an early stage of their doctoral studies;
  3. Be studying at an institution located in Europe (as defined by the Council of Europe);
  4. Be likely to have a substantive career in research;
  5. Be committed to improving the evidence base for nursing interventions;
  6. Have an excellent command of scientific English (the language of the summer school is English);
  7. Commit to attend all three years of the summer school programme;
  8. Have sufficient funds to support their own travel, accommodation and subsistence needs during the programme, as well as the €100 fee per year to attend and the €25 per year student membership fee of EANS.

NOTE: Think carefully before you apply. The Summer School is highly competitive with only 35 new applicants selected at random each year from the many hundreds who apply. The summer school curriculum is radically different from many other research courses. From day one, the course focuses on the development and testing of nursing interventions, based around a framework for the development and testing of ‘complex interventions’. (See: Richards and Rahm Hallberg (eds) 2015. Complex Interventions in Health: an Overview of Research Methods. London, Routledge). The course teaches mixed methods but is always directed at educating participants to evaluate and implement evidence-based nursing care to improve the practice of nursing care. If this is not your focus, please do not apply.

The selection process for applications is outlined here: Selection of students for the EANS Summer School programme

A short video from the 2016 Summer School can be viewed below:


Since our Summer School programme first started, it has been held in a variety of locations, a list of these can be found here:

EANS Summer Schools started in 1999

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