EANS 2017 Conference Programme Released

Wednesday 17th May 2017

Here is the Final Programme Malmo 2017

Do not miss this unique opportunity to hear from leading international nurse researchers on crucial issues for the: Future Direction of European Nursing and Nursing Research

Alison Kitson, from Adelaide, Australia is internationally renowned for her work on the essence of nursing care, and will talk about her latest work on Person Centred Fundamental Care. Alison will highlight the global lack of agreement about the nature of basic or fundamental nursing care; how it is delivered; and provide some crucial insights into what the role of the qualified nurse is in delivering that activity.

Denise Polit, from Saratoga Springs, New York, USA is best known for her seminal textbook – Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice—now in its 10th edition and still the world’s No. 1 textbook on research methods for nurses. After more than 40 years providing research expertise to countless nurses, Denise will look back at the dramatic changes in that have occurred in that time and give an overview of strategies for improving the relevance and applicability of nursing research.

David Richards, from Exeter, UK is the President of the European Academy of Nursing Science, and works tirelessly to improve the quality and relevance of nursing research for patients, people and nurses. His recent book – Complex Interventions in Health: An overview of research methods, co-edited with Ingalill Rahm Hallberg – quickly shot to the top of the research methods sellers lists and has become a must read for PhD students in nursing and health. In his presentation, he will ask the question: ‘how do nurses know how to care?’

Souraya Sidani, from Toronto, Canada has spent many years developing ideas on how complex nursing interventions can be developed, tested and evaluated so that they are practically useful for nurses and beneficial for patients. She will offer a glimpse at strategies that can be incorporated in early phases of developing and evaluating complex nursing interventions to make them efficient, acceptable, feasible and most importantly, effective.

Ania Willman, from Malmo, Sweden has been at the heart of Swedish evidence based nursing research and education for most of her distinguished career. She is the former President of the Swedish Society of Nursing and served for eleven years as a member on the Scientific Council at SBU, the Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Heath Care. She will ask if nursing is the same today as it was in Florence Nightingale’s time and whether the science of nursing has been “distilled into actions which bring results”.


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