EANS Best Paper Award – Call for papers 2023

Friday 3rd February 2023

Dear EANS Members,


We are happy to publish the call for the


EANS Best Paper Award 2023 for early career researchers.


This is a prize about 1000 EUR.


Which paper is eligible?

  • The first author must be an EANS Member and must have obtained his/her PhD in the five years prior to the application deadline of the EANS Best Paper Award.
  • Only active EANS Members can apply, i.e. be up-to-date with EANS membership fee payment.
  • Each applicant can submit only one research paper per year.
  • Each paper can be submitted only once.
  • The research paper must have been published in a PubMed indexed and peer reviewed scientific journal.
  • Publications in journals from any discipline or any field of research are eligible.
  • The paper itself can report on any topic within nursing and/or midwifery research.
  • The paper must have been published (epub and/or print) in the 12 months before the application deadline.
  • Study protocols are excluded.


We expect a letter accompanying the application, arguing why you think that your work is exceptional, fulfils a high standard of internal validity or rigour and how it contributes to further development of nursing science and/or nursing practice.

To ease the asssessment procedure, please add the evidence on your PhD award, e.g. information available online or a copy of the certificate.


The EANS Best Paper Committee will assess the papers using the same criteria and inform you no later than May 31, 2023.

The winner is expected to present the paper online at an EANS event.


Please submit the paper no later than May 5, 2023 to [email protected]

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